7 Types Covered By The Best Usaa Motorcycle Insurance

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USAA has established a solid reputation for providing high-quality insurance services at competitive pricing. Among its many financial services, Usaa motorcycle insurance provides auto, house, and other types of insurance. Excellent ratings are given for this business, and the only reason it isn’t more well-known is because USAA only provides insurance to active-duty or retired military personnel and their families. Read more on

Motorcycle insurance is something that many USAA members want to get from this provider. There is a caveat, though, when purchasing USAA motorcycle insurance. Due to USAA’s lack of in-house motorcycle insurance writing, Progressive will manage the plan. You can still get coverage via USAA even if it doesn’t provide motorbike insurance directly. USAA motorcycle insurance is reasonably priced, much like its other offerings. Continue reading to discover more about USAA’s affiliation with Progressive, then compare prices to find the best deal on your bike.

How much does USAA motorbike insurance cost?

7 Types Covered By The Best Usaa Motorcycle Insurance
7 Types Covered By The Best Usaa Motorcycle Insurance

There is no motorbike insurance offered by USAA. Instead, USAA works with Progressive to provide its customers with high-quality motorcycle insurance.

The following standard coverages are available when you get motorbike insurance from USAA:

Liability. With the aid of this coverage, you may cover the cost of accidents-related losses and injuries. When you are sued, it also aids in paying your legal expenses. Most states have a liability requirement.
Comprehensive. Comprehensive helps cover the cost of repairs if your motorbike sustains damage without being involved in an accident. Theft, vandalism, weather, and animal interaction are some of the damages.

No matter who is at blame, collision insurance helps repair your car while liability insurance pays for any harm you do to others.

Uninsured or underinsured driver. Even though the majority of states mandate insurance, some motorists disregard the law. You are shielded from drivers who lack proper coverage by uninsured/underinsured motorist policy.

Payments for medical services. After getting hurt in an accident, nobody wants to be concerned about medical expenses. The medical payments insurance contributes to the cost of your and your passengers’ medical bills.

Additionally, USAA provides round-the-clock roadside assistance so that, wherever you are, you never have to worry about becoming stuck. You may add extra coverage choices from USAA and Progressive to your insurance, such as:

  • Personal items Accessories
  • Increased harm
  • Loss in whole
  • Advantage of death
  • Although each add-on might not be offered in your state, a USAA representative can assist you in choosing the best coverage
  • Alternatives for your need.

Which types of motorbikes are covered by USAA?

7 Types Covered By The Best Usaa Motorcycle Insurance
7 Types Covered By The Best Usaa Motorcycle Insurance

Although most people imagine street bikes or vintage cruisers when they think of motorbikes, USAA provides insurance for a wide range of automobiles. These comprise:

1. Usaa Motorcycle Insurance : Cruisers.

Because of its timeless design, cruisers are the most common motorbike. The bikes frequently have tall handlebars, front footpegs, and an open engine. Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Honda are well-known brands.

2. Usaa Motorcycle Insurance : Motocross motorcycles.

Dirt motorcycles have knobby tires, a light frame, and stronger suspension because they were designed for off-road enthusiasts. Honda CRFs, Kawasakis, and Yamahas are the three most widely used dirtbike brands.

3. Usaa Motorcycle Insurance : Bikes used for touring.

These motorcycles are designed for comfort so you may travel whatever far you desire. Indian, BMW, and Harley-Davidson are the most popular brands among riders wishing to travel.

4. Usaa Motorcycle Insurance : ATVs.

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) feature three or four wheels and are built for off-road travel. The top ATV manufacturers are Polaris, Suzuki, and Yamaha.

5. Usaa Motorcycle Insurance : Motorcycles for sport.

Sport motorcycles, usually referred to as street bikes, feature agile handling and accelerate swiftly. With four times as many fatalities as other motorbikes, these quick machines are also the most deadly. Sportbikes from Honda, Kawasaki, and Ducati are common choices.

6. Usaa Motorcycle Insurance : Scooters and mopeds.

These compact cars are becoming more well-liked as a greener substitute for older models. Honda, Yamaha, and Vespa are well-known brands.

7. Usaa Motorcycle Insurance : UTV/SXS.

Utility task vehicles (UTVs) are frequently employed in industrial settings. They can seat more people and have stronger engines. They are qualified for motorbike insurance even though they operate in a manner akin to an automobile. Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Kawasaki are well-known manufacturers of UTVs.
USAA covers ATVs and UTVs under the same kind of coverage even though they aren’t precisely the same kind of vehicle as a motorbike.

How much is USAA’s motorbike insurance?

7 Types Covered By The Best Usaa Motorcycle Insurance
7 Types Covered By The Best Usaa Motorcycle Insurance

As you can see, motorbike insurance is substantially less expensive than standard auto insurance. Motorcycles are riskier than other vehicles, yet you are less likely to damage your bike significantly. Liability insurance costs are thus lower.

The cost of your insurance is based on a variety of criteria that insurance companies take into account, such as:

Age. Younger drivers are more prone to act recklessly and lack the knowledge to manage dangerous circumstances as well as senior drivers do.

Location. The tracking of claims by ZIP code is carefully done by insurance firms. Compared to someone in the next ZIP code, you could enjoy cheaper rates.

Score of credit. Although many motorists are unaware of this, insurance firms use your credit score to calculate your premiums, unless doing so is against the law. Your prices will be lower the higher your score.
history of driving. As you can see from the graph above, drivers with points on their record pay significantly more for insurance than those with spotless records.

Miles you’ve driven. Your chances of getting into an accident increase as you put more time into riding your bike. There may be a discount available to you if you don’t travel frequently.
motorbike model. Although they are more expensive to insure, certain motorcycles are safer than others. The price of motorbike repairs is another thing to think about.

Where you keep your bicycle. Insurance providers recommend that you park your motorbike safely, ideally in a garage, away from traffic. It’s likely that you’ll pay less if you park your bike in a secure area.
Every dollar you can spare while you’re on a tight budget is beneficial. Because USAA and Progressive are aware that clients desire to cut costs, they provide discounts. For affordable motorcycle insurance, USAA provides savings for multiple vehicles, safety training, and good drivers.


There’s something thrilling and enjoyable about riding a motorcycle on wide roads. It’s crucial to be ready with high-quality motorcycle insurance that will give you the coverage you require because accidents happen to even the most seasoned riders.



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