5 Az Motorcycle Insurance: Best Options For You

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Arizona is a veritable gold mine of natural wonders, offering endless chances for az motorcycle insurance . Arizona is a state that rewards those who travel the open road, from the red cliffs of Sedona and the multicolored splendor of the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley and beyond. When riding across Arizona, especially in locations where so many Westerns have been shot since the beginning of American filmmaking, it feels like you’re riding through a movie. Read more on

Make sure you have the proper az motorcycle insurance before you start riding. When a problem threatens your vacation to explore the stunning sights of Arizona and beyond, you don’t want to be caught off guard.

1. What laws apply to motorcycle riders in Arizona?

What laws apply to motorcycle riders in Arizona?
What laws apply to motorcycle riders in Arizona?

You need a Class M motorcycle license in Arizona if your motorbike has an engine bigger than 100cc. To apply for a regular license endorsement or motorcycle license, you must be at least 16 years old. Before earning a motorcycle license or endorsement if you’re under 18, you must have an instructional permit for six months.

Regardless of your age or the type of bike you prefer—a custom model, a touring bike, a cruiser, a trike, or a vintage model—you are required to obey the following restrictions under Arizona state law:

Eye protection: Unless your motorcycle has a windscreen, you must wear eye protection.

Helmets are required for all riders under the age of 18 and those with instructional permits.

You must have a side mirror on your motorbike, at the very least.
Passenger seat/footrest: If you’re transporting a passenger, you must have both a passenger seat and a passenger footrest.
When cycling, you must always have a headlamp that is operating safely.
Muffler: A muffler is a must-have accessory for bikes. Devices like cutouts and bypasses are prohibited.

2. What do the laws in Arizona say about az motorcycle insurance ?

Prior to registering your motorbike, you must provide proof of motorcycle insurance, which is required in Arizona. To ride a motorbike lawfully in Arizona, you must adhere to the following minimum az motorcycle insurance liability standards:

liability insurance for physical harm of $25,000 per person
Per-accident bodily injury liability coverage of $50,000
insurance coverage for property damage of $15,000 per accident
You can be liable for the difference if an accident results in damages that are more than what the minimal az motorcycle insurance coverage covers. Higher motorbike insurance limits are an option that might assist to safeguard both you and your vehicle.

3. Are supplemental motorcycle insurance policies offered in Arizona?

Are supplemental motorcycle insurance policies offered in Arizona?
Are supplemental motorcycle insurance policies offered in Arizona?

In Arizona, you have additional az motorcycle insurance coverage options in addition to the ones you are required to have.

  • UMBI (Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury)
  • UIMBI (underinsured motorist bodily injury)
  • medical expenses
  • detailed and collision
  • supplemental/special gear
  • physical damage to a transport trailer
  • deductible reduction
  • Replacement expense
  • Travel disruption
  • provide emergency road service
  • payment for rental

For peace of mind, take into account supplemental insurance.
More comprehensive az motorcycle insurance , which is not included with the required minimum liability insurance, is preferred by many of our Phoenix clients. You could experience more mental calm because to:

If you cause an accident, collision coverage for your motorcycle az motorcycle insurance for customized components and machinery

  • coverage for uninsured motorists
  • comprehensive insurance against theft, fire, vandalism, etc.
  • your and any passengers’ medical insurance
  • provide emergency road service

4. Requirements for street-legal motorcycles in Arizona

In a lot of Arizona’s rural locations, you may ride for hours without seeing a paved surface. Even though the state is rather open, there may be times when you have to ride your bike on public roads. Then, in order for you and your bike to be regarded as street-legal, you both need to have specific equipment. Among the apparatus is:

Unless your bike has a windscreen, you must wear eye protection. No measurements are provided for the windshield.
Handlebar height:

  • While seated on the seat, the operator’s hands may not be higher than shoulder height, as stated in Arizona Revised Code Section 28-964c.
  • Helmet: a must for all passengers under the age of 18 and for drivers with instruction permits.
  • One mirror is all that is needed.
  • No need for turn signals.
  • Both a passenger seat and a footrest are necessary if you’re hauling someone along.
  • Use of a daytime headlight is necessary, while a modulating daytime headlight is also acceptable.
  • Safety check: necessary. may be carried out in Arizona Highway
  • Patrol stations or when a vehicle is being stopped on the road.

5. Az Motorcycle Insurance: Required Minimum Amounts

Az Motorcycle Insurance: Required Minimum Amounts
Az Motorcycle Insurance: Required Minimum Amounts

Numerous laws regulate motorcycle insurance in Arizona. According to these statutes, owners must have a liability az motorcycle insurance policy with the following levels of protection:

Death or physical harm to one person is subject to a $15,000 fine; two or more people are subject to a $30,000 fine; and property damage or destruction is subject to a $10,000 fine.
Only when you are at fault are other people covered by these policies. The minimal limitations show that once basic az motorcycle insurance pays its maximum, there would be expenditures remaining. Any damages in excess of those limits will be your personal obligation. What will happen to you if you are hurt or the negligent motorist doesn’t have az motorcycle insurance ?


You should be able to contemplate purchasing additional compensation if you so desire because your az motorcycle insurance should be reasonably priced. However, even without supplements, the policy must offer sufficient coverage without paying more. Additionally, the demands of its policyholders should be able to be met, and claims should be handled properly by your motorbike insurance.


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