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What does DOHC meaning? Important things you need to know

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The engine is the most crucial and essential component of every car, improving every aspect of the vehicle’s performance. Therefore, a DOHC engine with a valve actuator control mechanism is one of the essential engines. The two most prevalent types of camshaft engines available today are SOHC and DOHC. However, in this article, we only talk about DOHC and what you need to know about it. So, What does DOHC meaning? Let’s start exploring!

What does DOHC meaning?

DOHC, or Double OverHead Camshaft, refers to an engine’s use of two camshafts or its status as a double camshaft engine. Each shaft, which is arranged on top of each cylinder on the engine cover, connects the engine to the valve, with each side sucking or exhausting independently. From there, it is simpler to separate the intake and exhaust valves and arrange the valves such that they are in the engine’s most advantageous position.

What does DOHC meaning?
What does DOHC meaning?

Because DOHC can simply arrange from 4 to 6 valves per cylinder, utilize this engine to increase the number of valves per cylinder. demonstrates that this engine has a high rotational speed and that it is simple to position the valves so that the engine’s performance is maximized. Although DOHC is used in both vehicles and motorcycles, a car’s DOHC engine differs significantly from a motorcycle’s. Both have the same results, helping the car run by starting the engine.

Dual camshaft (DOHC) engines are more powerful, more fuel-efficient, and capable of higher speeds than other types of engines. In order to allow air into and out of the engine, the camshaft must open the valves. In order to open valves, camshafts are used with spinning lobes known as cams. The closed position is achieved via the springs on valves. The effectiveness of the engine at various speeds can be significantly affected by this crucial task.

How DOHC work

Because there is just one camshaft in a SOHC engine, it controls both the gas flow into and out of the cylinders. As a result of its multiple camshafts, the DOHC engine is particularly configured for both input and output (2 camshafts).

Due to its twin intake and exhaust valves, DOHC performs somewhat better than SOHC when it comes to the car’s engine. Engine operation is more evenly distributed when the engine is made colder. The vehicle is therefore quieter and more comfortable to drive on all types of roads.


Utilizing twin overhead cams primarily serves to increase the number of intake and exhaust valves. Since there is more room for them to pass through with more valves, the intake and exhaust gases can flow more freely. As a result, the engine’s power is increased.

How to control valve

The valve’s purpose is to initiate the engine’s activity. The air intake valve is under the control of the DOHC engine. This engine performs more adaptably in adjustment because of the twin camshaft. On the other hand, the camshaft’s shape and angle affect the timing of the intake and exhausting. The engine’s ability to produce more horsepower will therefore be influenced by the valve control system.

DOHC is capable of using variable valve technology. This implies that the DOHC engine system will be quicker and more adaptable in terms of valve management and operating modes. It delivers greater energy consumption since the valves may be controlled more precisely. Fuel usage increases along with increasing electricity consumption.

Fuel for DOHC

Because the structure of each engine varies, so does the amount of fuel used. When you view images and videos of the engines in action, it’s clear that DOHC engines operate more quickly and use more fuel as a result.

Greater specifically, DOHC uses more power and has a dual valve configuration on either end, which allows for better management of the valves. The middle of the top of the combustion chamber is also where the spark plugs are placed in DOHC engines. DOHC uses and burns more fuel as a result.

The DOHC engine’s fuel consumption will, however, improve depending on the driver’s competence and the engine’s design.

Price of DOHC

Due to the DOHC engine’s complex structure, it also implies that its price will be different from other engines, i.e. pricier. Considering that DOHC has two camshafts, the design will be more intricate and the distribution method will be more distinctive.

Consequently, dohc engine-equipped vehicles will cost more. Due to the need for more intricate details and advanced installation technologies, DOHC engines must be installed. However, if the vehicle has a DOHC engine that needs to be fixed and is damaged, the cost of the repair will be higher because the repairman will need to be extremely careful and skilled.

On the other side, due to the bulky design of the engines, DOHC-powered vehicles will be heavier. As a result, the manufacturer will have to sacrifice other aspects in order to balance the car, which will compromise its performance.

Should I buy DOHC?

It is clear from the material in the article that DOHC engines also have benefits and drawbacks. It is simpler to design and construct engines with several valves per cylinder when two camshafts are used in place of one. This makes those valves more compact and effective while also increasing economy, power, and torque.

It is a modern engine with two camshafts, and the automobile performs better as a result. However, the price is higher and more gasoline is used. In general, cars with DOHC engines will be preferred more, going by the existing trend.

Should I choose DOHC or SOHC?

Your needs should guide the type of motor you select. The two types of engines listed above differ from one another and each has advantages and drawbacks of their own. Cost-effective, simple to maintain, and repair is SOHC. Its fuel efficiency, however, is not on pace with DOHC. Although SOHC uses less fuel, DOHC can use less depending on the engine’s design and the driver’s abilities.

In summary, the two engines mentioned above have many applications and are frequently used in modern cars. You shouldn’t disregard these engine kinds in your vehicle.

Should I choose DOHC or SOHC?


Most current cars today have dual cam engines. In comparison to OHV or SOHC engines, they allow for greater airflow with less obstruction. They are also generally far more efficient engines. Four valves per cylinder are operated by two camshafts, with one camshaft each for the intake and exhaust valves. For greater fuel and energy savings, it is simple to execute variable valve lift and adjustment.

What does DOHC mean? The article above has outlined what you need to know about the DOHC and we only cover the motor expertise in theory. If you want to know which engine is suitable for each person, it is best to test drive, as well as learn about that type of car more closely. Thanks for following this post!

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