The Best Time To Buy A Car You Should Know

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When is the best time to buy a car? That’s right, there are times of the year that save you money that is likely to be much higher than at other times. Knowing when to buy can save you hundreds of dollars in financing and new car costs.

A good auto salesperson can give you tons of reasons to buy right away. When deciding to buy or rent a new or used car, savvy auto shoppers must be able to look past banners and giant inflatable dancers.

Unfortunately, there are many urban stories that promote ways to save money. Some will result in you actually paying more for your car, while others won’t save you any money. Later in this article, we will show how to avoid them.

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the way we buy cars. There’s not much incentive to stay at the dealership after a test drive (unless you want to). You have the freedom to decide when, how and by whom you want to make purchases. Customers can view cars on their smartphones during breaks at work or at dealerships far from their home.

The best time to buy a car and why they offer discounts are covered in‘s following sections.

When Are The Best Time To Buy A Car?

best time to buy a car

When purchasing an automobile, timing is crucial. Additionally, some weeks and months of the year are preferable to others


For dealers, weekends are usually the busiest days of the week, while the first days of the week are usually much quieter so this is the best time to buy a car. You’ll have more time to discuss your purchase with the seller and more time to have your questions answered and test drive. You can even leave the showroom earlier as the dealer’s finance office is less likely to have a line of people waiting to get in.

The fact that many lenders are only open during the week is another advantage of buying on Mondays. You’ll have more opportunities to discuss financing options with regional lenders, credit unions and community banks, to make sure you’re getting a good deal. When shopping on the weekend, you have to trust the seller’s assurance that you’re getting a fair price. Of course, the ideal approach to securing sound financing is to have a pre-approved financing agreement in place before you go to the dealership.

Look out for Mondays immediately following major sales events or in locations where Sunday sales are not allowed. In those cases, most agent staff will be busy on Mondays doing paperwork from last weekend and may not have time to assist you.

Three-Day Weekends

best time to buy a car

Three weekends are an exception to the “avoid weekends” rule. Around Christmas, dealers usually have some of their best sales, but there will be more competition for those deals. The weekends around Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4 (Independence Day), and Presidents Day in February are the days you’ll likely see heavily advertised sales.

The top best time to buy a car is on Memorial Day. It marks the start of the summer car sales season and regularly features offers from both OEMs and retailers.

Given the start of the sell-off season, Labor Day weekend is also a great time to find a bargain. Dealers are trying to clear their old inventory as automakers begin rolling out models for next year.

End Of The Year, Month And Model Year

October, November, and December are definitely the best months of the year. Sales quotas are common at auto dealers, and they typically include annual, quarterly, and monthly sales targets. At the end of the year, all three goals start to come together.

The best time to travel is usually at the end of the month, quarter or any other time period. The salesperson or dealer may then have bonus opportunities that give them extra incentive to want you to drive the new car.

Aside from the year-end which is the best time to buy a car, it’s also important to keep an eye out for the end of the model year, when the latest versions will start to go on sale. Autumn is usually the time when automakers start rolling out new models, but there are some exceptions.

You can tell when a new car is about to be released if you pay attention to when the media starts sharing reviews about them.


best time to buy a car

Buying a car during the holidays can also save a lot. The following occasions are especially ideal for buying a car:

  • Presidents Day: All consumer activity, including auto sales, tends to stagnate in the first few months of the year, but some manufacturers try to encourage spending during Presidents’ Day over the weekend.
  • Memorial Day: Summer is usually one of the most expensive times of the year to buy a car, but around Memorial Day, dealers often drop prices. Around the middle of this year, next year’s models usually start at least, causing the price of cars to have dropped a lot. However, avoid crowded areas. As the weather gets better, additional shoppers may be looking to take advantage of spring specials.
  • July 4: Around the time of America’s Independence Day celebrations, many dealers will make an effort to appeal to car consumers. However, consider whether you can wait for the potentially larger discounts that may be available near the end of the year if you don’t need the car right away.
  • Labor Day: Late summer is the best time to buy a car. According to Zo Rahim, former chief economist and industry expert at Cox Automotive, more than 2% of all new auto sales occur during Labor week.
  • Black Friday: Just like the rest of the retail sector, car dealerships participate in the Black Friday sales frenzy. At this best time to buy a car, in addition to the offers provided by the manufacturer, your salesperson may give you a higher discount. For example, your supporter may be more eager to close the deal by Christmas because they want to go home to their family.
  • New Year’s Eve: If possible, another best time to buy a car might be New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve, salespeople can hit their monthly, quarterly, or annual quota to qualify for a big bonus. This can make finding a good price simpler.


It takes patience to wait for the perfect time to buy a car. Time can be your ally if you can resist a purchase. Although prices are currently unpopular with consumers, you can still save money by keeping an eye on promotions and discounts during the upcoming holidays.

You can save a lot of money by limiting your top car selections and choosing the right season, month, or car purchase date.

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