How to Reset Seat Belt Properly? Best Safety Tips For Drivers

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One thing that everyone probably knows is the role of seat belts in big cars. In vehicular crashes, seat belts help protect vehicle occupants from injury or worse, death. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety and Administration, between 1975 and 2017, seat belts saved more than 374,196 lives. So how to reset seat belt properly? If you also have the same question, do not miss this article.

The history of seat belt

When German engineer Karl Benz invented the first automobiles in 1886, they did not have seat belts. In the mid-19th century, British engineer George Cayley invented the use of a simple form of the seat belt. Until the mid-20th century, almost every car had seat belts. While several car manufacturers offered seat belt options, including American Nash (1949) and Ford (1955) – it wasn’t until 1959 when Volvo released three-point seat belts that the device just became popular.

All new passenger cars produced in the US were required to include seat belts starting in 1968. Since then, the federal government has allowed states to make seat belts mandatory. To this day, every state except New Hampshire requires adults to wear seat belts when riding in a motor vehicle.

The history of seat belt

How to check seat belt

You should regularly check the quality of your seat belt before driving. Check the fabric for fraying or tearing. From there, let the seat belt pull hard quickly. It will lock into place. After you release the tension, it will retract back into the recoiler. Finally, fasten the seat belt and make sure it is unfastened correctly. If you’ve done all of these steps and everything is working as it should, your seat belt is good to go! Now we move on to “How to reset seat belt?” in the next section.

How to reset seat belt properly?

Seat belt reset is a service request from car manufacturers. The concept of seat belt recalibration is a newly replaced airbag system that is recalibrated by re-inserting the seat belts on the vehicle. Specifically, the seat belt is fitted to the retractor, and the retractor system will periodically work to reset the belt. Calibration is performed by inserting the seat belt into the belt holder and pressing the seat belt into the retractor at least five times. You must fasten the belt correctly, or the seat belt sensor will not recognize the belt or activate the airbag in the event of an accident.

How to reset seat belt properly

Since the sensors in the seat belt and the retractor are calibrated to each other and to the vehicle, the seat belt reset procedure must be performed each time a new airbag is replaced. Just perform a seat belt reset with the airbag system components installed on the vehicle. You must remove the decorative cover for the seat belt cover and the airbag module must be visible. How to reset seat belt? The steps that make up the procedure are as follows:

  • Insert the end of the seat belt into the belt holder and push it in at least five times.
  • Remove the seat belt from the housing.
  • Give the belt at least four hours to rest at room temperature.
  • Please fasten your seat belt correctly, otherwise, the seat belt sensor will not recognize the belt and will not activate the airbag in the event of an accident.

Safety tips for driving

Safety tips for driving

  • Always follow car maintenance rules and service recommendations
  • Read and follow instructions from your vehicle’s technical service bulletins
  • Always wear your seat belt, even when driving short distances or at low speeds.
  • Fasten your seat belt properly
  • Seat belt repair is not necessary when there is no visible damage and the seat belt is in place.
  • If the seat belt is found to be worn or frayed, it should be replaced immediately.
  • Do not change the seat belt if the safety integrity of the seat belt is in doubt. Call your local police or police department to report the problem. Improperly changing seat belts can adversely affect seat belt function and cause injury.
  • Seat belts should be changed at reputable certified repair centers and by professional technicians.
  • Every vehicle owner should know the risks involved in driving and the dangers of not wearing a seat belt.


To sum up, when driving, each individual must be aware of the risks involved and the dangers that may arise from not wearing a seat belt. Proper maintenance and seat belt repositioning ensure the safety of not only you, but also your family, and your passengers. Seat belts are one of the most important safety devices on the road. But if they don’t work correctly, your best safety gear becomes your most important responsibility. Today’s article has shown you how to reset seat belt in your car, hope you do it successfully and have a happy and safe ride.

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