3 Cheapest motorcycle insurance Ohio

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Geico typically provides motorcycle insurance Ohio for the lowest prices, at an average of $321. This amount is almost 50% less expensive than what the state typically charges for insurance. In Ohio, motorcycle insurance is generally less expensive than it is elsewhere in the nation. Ohio has a $620 average cost for motorbike insurance, compared to a $702 national average. In this article, will discuss about 3 Cheapest motorcycle insurance Ohio.

Motorcycle insurance Ohio: Progressive

Motorcycle insurance Ohio: Progressive
Motorcycle insurance Ohio: Progressive

For the majority of Ohioans looking for motorcycle insurance, we think Progressive is the best option. In comparison to other providers in the state, it stands out for its comprehensive coverage, reasonable average pricing, and favorable ratings.

Motorcycle insurance from Progressive includes replacement cost coverage as standard. In the event of a loss, replacement cost coverage reimburses you in full without taking property depreciation into account. Frequently, providers will tack on extra fees for this coverage. Additionally, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components and $3,000 for accessories and custom parts replacement or repair are covered by Progressive’s motorbike insurance.

Progressive does not offer the most affordable rates in the state for this level of coverage. Its average annual cost of $551 is nevertheless 11% less than Ohio’s state average. Additionally, Progressive offers a number of easily attainable discounts, including those for full payment, leaving another carrier, and possessing a motorbike license. Your insurance policy’s cost may be further decreased as a result of these savings.

Of all the businesses we surveyed, the provider also offers the greatest customer service. Progressive receives less complaints than the average insurer of its size, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), with a complaint index of 0.47.

Best for cheap motorcycle insurance ohio: Geico

Best for cheap motorcycle insurance ohio: Geico
Best for cheap motorcycle insurance ohio: Geico

By a significant margin, Geico offers the most affordable motorbike insurance in Ohio. Its usual annual premium is $321, which is 48% less expensive than the state average. Geico also has a rather low customer service complaint index of 0.67, which is far lower than the NAIC’s cutoff point of 1.0 for a standard insurer of the same size.

Using Geico’s offers could help you reduce the price of your motorbike insurance even further. You could cut costs by:

  • Insure multiple motorcycles
  • Have another policy with Geico
  • Meet an age threshold defined by your local representative
  • Complete a safety course
  • Renew your policy

Geico offers competitive prices, but if your bike requires specialist coverage, it would be a good idea to look at other insurers. Geico has competitive prices, but it doesn’t offer the same level of protection that we think sets apart the finest insurer in the state. Although you can add extra coverage for accessories and roadside assistance, you cannot add coverage for the replacement of all of your bike’s original or customized parts, nor can you add travel interruption for lengthy distances.

Best for motorcycle enthusiasts: Dairyland

Best for motorcycle enthusiasts: Dairyland
3 Cheapest motorcycle insurance Ohio

We suggest taking a look at Dairyland’s motorcycle insurance ohio if you’re seeking for the broadest coverage for your motorcycle. Every limit and safeguard in your insurance can be readily customized with Dairyland. If your bicycle is three years old or newer, you might be qualified for replacement cost coverage. You could include:

  • Expanded parts coverage for optional equipment
  • Roadside assistance
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • Damage plus coverage for original equipment.

A Dairyland policy costs $676 on average year, which is 9% more expensive than Ohio’s state average. Additionally, by being eligible for Dairyland’s discounts, riders could be able to lower their insurance expenses. If you’re an enthusiast, you might be able to save money by, among other things, taking a safety course, insuring numerous bikes with the same firm, or by belonging to one of the riding organizations on the insurer’s approved list.

However, among the service providers we surveyed, Dairyland’s customer service received the lowest ratings. The insurer has a 2.69 complaint index, which indicates that it receives more consumer complaints than a company of comparable size.

The best-reviewed motorcycle insurance companies in Ohio

When looking for motorbike insurance ohio, it’s critical to take into account more factors than just cost. Customer service and claim-paying capacity are key characteristics of the greatest businesses. We obtained NAIC complaint index scores as well as AM Best financial strength data for each organization.

Auto and motorbike insurance are included in the same industry category by the NAIC. These complaint indices are calculated using the premium dollars for both motorcycles and vehicles from each manufacturer.

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